Still at the beginning of his career, Reinier Zonneveld has already performed on all continents, leaving his crowds in awe wherever he takes the reins, whether that’s on mainstage dance floors or in the darkest and sweatiest clubs on the planet. Reinier’s productions and live-sets are heavily influenced by both his classical background and his early rave experiences on the dance floor resulting in live sets that contain lots of deep melodic sections alongside of course the pounding warehouse acid techno he is chiefly known for.

It is this combination of the melodic and the ultra energetic that Reinier Zonneveld now proudly presents at the long awaited first edition of Live Now, his very own festival. Not a festival as you know it where your attention is pulled into a myriad of different directions. Instead, this festival boasts just one stage where Reinier will perform his outstanding personal take on techno live, for an astonishing 11 hours straight. . Get your tickets now.

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