Reinier Zonneveld

Genre : Techno

Origin: Netherlands

One of the most acclaimed and best selling electronic producers of the moment, Reinier Zonneveld is currently making big waves in the scene. His powerful live performances at some of the world’s most renowned festivals and clubs, reveal his unique take on techno music. Despite his young age, Zonneveld already has several club hits to his name, including the Beatport overall no.1 hit “Things we Might Have Said”, which was included on his well-received artist album “Megacity Servant”. The track appeared in a Hollywood production later on.

Born on the 30th of January 1991 in the Netherlands, Reinier’s introduction to music was through classical piano lessons from the age of 3. Later on during his childhood, Zonneveld started composing and performing classical music pieces on the piano. It was only when Reinier attended his first illegal raves whilst studying Econometrics and Finance at university, that Reinier started to produce electronic music. Spending all of his study allowance on his first synthesisers during his university years, Zonneveld managed to teach himself outstanding production skills from his student dorm.

It wasn’t until end of 2015, when Zonneveld completed his two master degrees, that Zonneveld decided to dedicate all of his time and effort to the thing that by then had become his biggest passion: producing and performing techno music. His musical productions soon started to get noticed by some of the biggest names in the scene, which led to official releases on Oliver Koletzki’s Stil vor Talent, Carl Cox’s Intec, Richie Hawtin’s Minus as well as two official remixes for Moby.

Seeing that Reinier’s productions and live-sets are heavily influenced by both Zonneveld’s classical background and his early rave experiences on the dance floor, it comes as no surprise that his works and live-sets contain lots of deep melodic sections alongside the pounding warehouse acid techno he is chiefly known for.

Zonneveld’s musical talent becomes clearly noticeable during his live performances where he manages to invent new hits from scratch, whilst he also his recreates old hits live on stage. His extraordinary talent for improvising and composing music enables Reinier to perform a unique all night live set on the spot, causing explosion after explosion on the dance floor while he’s at it.

Still at the beginning of his career, Reinier has already performed on all continents, leaving his crowds in awe, on mainstage dance floors and in dark and sweaty clubs alike. When not performing, Reinier always tries to find time in his fully booked agenda to create and produce new hits in his studio, with the experiences and impressions he’s gained during his performances and travels in mind. Next to performing and producing music, Reinier runs his own much loved label Filth on Acid, which he founded in early 2017. 

For Reinier, Filth on Acid is the perfect platform to communicate his broad view on techno to the world of electronic music. Clearly, in the years ahead of us, Reinier’s unique productions will continue to shake up dance floors worldwide. This young producer has fast become one of the most influential forces in techno and we’ve only just witnessed the beginning of it all…



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