Meet the Team

Get to know the people behind ALDA

Who is Allan Hardenberg?

Allan Hardenberg, CEO and co-founder of ALDA, has been an important player in the international events industry for decades. Allan has come a long way from organising his first events in an old industrial warehouse during the 90s to putting on ALDA shows for audiences larger than 50.000 at events centered around Armin van Buuren. ALDA is now an international powerhouse in event production, promotion and concept development, operating from offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Cologne, Bucharest, Pula and Amsterdam with 1500 events to date, organised in 57 countries. “The artist has always been central to everything we do, whether that’s an Armin solo show or a festival with lots of stages and artists,” says Allan. Whilst ALDA’s focus will always be ‘behind the scenes, Allan realised in recent years that for ravers, it is also important to know the festival promoter. “We are therefore trying to become more and more visible as ALDA to our festival audiences.”

david lewis
Who is David Lewis?

Allan Hardenberg’s partner in crime from the very beginning, ALDA co-founder David Lewis is also known from his involvement in Armin van Buuren’s record label Armada Music and his own booking and artist management agency David Lewis Productions. David is always keeping a keen eye on developments in the scene in order to keep on top of things: “DJ sets have become shorter than they used to be a decade ago with lots of visuals and entertainment. We’ve changed our way of working and that’s why we still operate in the premier league. Had I not done this I would probably be out there selling candy.”

The Team

With such a wide range of events in their portfolio, Allan and David can’t do the job alone. ALDA is always looking for energetic people to join our team. We work from offices in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Cologne, Hongkong and we’ve recently opened the doors of our brand new workspace in Bucharest. We are all dedicated to deliver the very best world class events, but once we’ve done the job, we love celebrating our joint achievements by getting together for a drink or two. Are you a work hard, play hard type of girl or guy? Go check out our jobs section. Please meet some of our colleagues: