Origin: Romania

RAVA – The mystical energy of the dark realm comes to light through RAVA’s presence. Unmistakably, his deep-toned voice serves as the key instrument in his artistry. The synergy between his Romani roots and the street knowledge makes RAVA’s lyrics engage the listener subconsciously. All of that together, leave him no boundaries in the matter of obscure sounds.  

Signed to Seek Music at only 18 years old, he levitated from the bottom to the heights of the music industry in just one year. “Giulești-Crângași”, his debut single, made its way up to the Top 50 on both Spotify and Apple Music. Released at the end of 2021, “BULIBA$HA”, his first album confirmed his potential. In between, he made it hard for people to put their headphones away. Collaborating with the biggest from the present Romanian Hip-Hop scene like Killa Fonic, PRNY, Amuly, Azteca, and others, he gained ancestral wisdom. However, the range of sounds he can approach is wider, being featured on HVNDS’s latest urban rock song. He is all about evolution and circularity. Nobody knows who he is, where he is from, how he does it, or what comes next. That he can be hardly ignored, it’s a certainty.



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