Radu Dracul

Origin: None

Once upon a time,a boy was born in a little town in Transylvania. Driven by intense curiosity andpassionfor music, he heardTechno-the most misunderstood and enigmatic music of thattime. ThisDevil’s music, ashisparents called it, kept him awakefor many nights.Starting to collect tapes and records, little Radu built a wide background in music: from east-coast hip-hop to Scandinavian death metal, from the rich 80’s culture to the emerging dark German Techno.After many years of taste refining,it was time to express his own visions. Working on his craft tirelesslyfor nights on end,these visions started to take shape. His works found a home with some of the world’sbest record labels.But he alwayshada new secret project, liketheinfamous Lockheed Skunk Works,that he never shared with the world.Throughmusic’s transformative power, a new alter ego emerged. This ego is called Dracul.He’s always up at night…



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