Midi Culture

Origin: None

Midi Culture has played a defining role in the global musical movement with his portfolio of bass-driven remixes and tracks. Since his emergence on the international dance scene in 2016, he has garnered immense success over the past couple of years. Among his standout works is the 2016 remix of ‘Sub Pielea Mea’ (#Eroina), which not only peaked at number #11 in the global Shazam chart but also ranked #1 on radios in over 10 countries.

As a DJ, Midi Culture’s prowess lies in his ability to establish a strong connection with each and every dancer he performs for. Whether in a club setting with hundreds of attendees or on a festival stage before thousands, he never fails to leave a lasting impression on his audience. His penchant for extended sets enables him to fully explore his vast music collection and showcase his versatility. Above all, he savors the magic of creating unforgettable moments during sunset or sundown performances that leave his listeners with an indelible musical experience.



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