Michael Mendoza

Origin: None

The International market and quality of Club and Festival DJ’s is transforming. Within this
dazzling DJ scene, Michael Mendoza’s talent is well acknowledged on an international level
and has been very stable over the years. The former law student has grown into one of the
biggest promises of the Dutch DJ guild.

Mike Mendoza is one of those talents that does it all, creating, producing, spinning, mixing
and most of all performing. He is also one of those lucky people that at an early age
instantly knew what his passion was. This passion to be the best in what he loves to do
always drives him to deliver quality. It keeps his musical and technical knowledge spot on.
Michael is here to stay because he loves nothing more than creating music and sharing it
with his international audience.

His mentors Sunnery James, Ryan Marciano, DJ Chuckie and Benny Rodrigues all agreed
Michael Mendoza has extensive music knowledge. His natural ability to feel audiences is
enhancing his performance. Due to his versatility, he is able to blow up any venue, festival
or party.

With record deals at established labels such as Armada, Defected, Flamingo Recordings and
the world famous Spinnin Records, Mendoza is a brand name, guaranteed for an
unforgettable event. A DJ who’s name will not be out of place on any party poster, flyer or
line-up. Over the years Michael his success promoted him to profile and measure himself
with the best DJ’s worldwide, therefore, dominance within the international DJ top seems
only a matter of time. 



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