Lil Baby

Origin: United States

Dominique Armani Jones (Atlanta, December 3, 1994), better known by his stage name Lil Baby, is an American rapper. He was raised alone by his mother and two sisters in the Oakland City Neighborhood. Dominique grew up being friends with Young Thug, Coach K and Pee. But he tended more towards the street life, while his friends were already doing well in the music industry. He was even locked up in prison for two years when he was 18, where he decided to turn his life around to start with his rap career. Shortly after his release from prison, Jones came into prominence with his mixtape ‘Perfect Timing’. In 2018 Lil Baby became a well-known rapper, thanks to his debut album ‘Harder Than Ever’. The album included the hit ‘Yes Indeed’ that was featured by Drake, and the hit ‘Drip Harder’ that was a collaborative mixtape with Gunna. Lil Baby topped the charts in 2021 with the studio album ‘The voice of the Heroes’ he made in collaboration with Lil Durk.