Origin: Netherlands

Dutch rapper Dopebwoy was born March 14, 1994, with the name ‘Jordan Jacott’ in Amsterdam. When he was five, he moved with his family to Almere. Jordan played a lot of soccer in his youth, but soon he found himself on a different path. His father was a DJ and taught Jordan everything he could about music. Jordan made beats but had no one to add the vocals to his track, so Jordan recorded his first English rap track himself under the name ‘Kleine’. Later he continued with only Dutch language rap. From 2011 he started to break through to the general public. With the song ‘Cartier’ that Dopebwoy released in June 2017 together with Chivv and 3robi, he had his first hit. In the spring of 2020, Dopebwoy started his own label under the name Forever Lit Records; in April 2020, he released his song ‘Christian Dior’ as the first song under this label.