Origin: Romania

Delia Matache is an iconic figure of Romanian music and a complete artist with stunning performances. Innovative and fresh, always one step ahead of trends, Delia had an incredible evolution. She is a constant presence in the radio charts and the author of some of the most successful songs on the market, such as “Da, mama!” and “Nu e vina mea”. Delia really knows how to touch every inch of your soul with her romantic lyrics and at the same time she knows when to bring forth a strong woman’s vibe. Chameleonic and inspiring, Delia is a real acknowledged style icon with outstanding shows, a cool attitude, and amazing style, pushing herself to always create something more. Whether she is a hopeless romantic, a rebel soul, or a powerful woman, Delia continues to surprise with everything she does, from the songs that she composes, to her unique performances and astonishing looks.



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