Origin: United States

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk (Cleveland, December 22, 1991), known as DaBaby, is an American rapper. The American artist released several mixtapes in 2014 (before 2015 Jonathan was known as Baby Jesus), but he came into prominence in 2019 with his hit ‘Suge’. When DaBaby starts rapping, it’s with such tremendous power that it seems like he’s faster than the beat. This style fits in well with his precise and brutal rap skills. Whenever the charts are filled with music about addictions and sadness, he will go in a different direction instead. Therefore, we don’t think DaBaby will ever be seen as a mainstream artist. 

By age six, Jonathan moved from Cleveland to Charlotte where he spent his teen years hanging out on the streets. Kirk started listening to rap with his two older brothers. His idols were Future, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West because they consistently moved forward with their music. His style gradually became harsher and more aggressive as his discography expanded, with melodic influences becoming more strongly and fluidly present.