Boyz In De Hood

Origin: None

In 2008, the three brothers Hef, Adje and Crooks had the streets in their grip with their mixtape ‘Boyz In De Hood’ – for which they won a State Award – and after that, each of them went on to pursue a successful solo career in the rap scene. In December 2021, after 15 years, the highly requested follow-up album was released: ‘Boyz In De Hood 2’. 

Julmar Simons (Amsterdam, October 2, 1982), better known as Adje (formerly Ado’nis), was the first of the three to be born. Simons is of Curaçao and Surinam descent and grew up in the Bijlmer in Amsterdam. Influenced by the music of Michael Jackson and Snoop Dogg, he then went on to also make hip hop. Adje soon became well-known and made, among many others, the songs ‘Hele meneer’, ‘Doe je dans’ and ‘Coño’. 

After Adje, Julliard Frans (Rotterdam, March 18, 1987) was born. He became known under the name Hef. He grew up in Schiedam, Spijkenisse, the Bijlmer in Amsterdam and in Hoogvliet in Rotterdam. Due to the influences of his youth, Adje was about to walk the criminal path in life just before his career took off, which was able to keep him on the straight and narrow. Hef is known for many famous songs, including ‘Merry’, ‘Op je hoede’ and ‘Hyena’s’.

The last of the three was Juliandri Frans (Spijkenisse, August 22, 1991), better known as Crooks. At the age of 16, he started his career with a studio session at the BNN-media channel, 101Barz. The session became a huge success and was watched over two million times. The album ‘Freddy & Bundy’ which he created together with brother Hef reached the charts, just like the song ‘Wazig’, which he recorded in 2016 with rapper Kevin.