Origin: Romania

Azteca is one of Romania’s most appreciated artists of his generation and has become the face of new age rap, with an authentic perspective on creating modern music. He redefines rap through his spiritual approach that is found in his subliminal messages that are concealed in the lyrics he composes. Besides being a well known performer he is also a sound engineer and has perfected his style thanks to his theoretical knowledge which he applies to his creations. As an independent artist who built his image by himself and rose to the top, he approaches spiritual subjects through his playful lyricism. 


His rise to fame emerged in 2018 when music was his creative escape from reality, with his debut single ‘Molly’ alongside NANE that became a hype-worthy song that turned into a pillar of his ongoing success. His music combines spectacular flows with complex punchlines that are hard to decipher with references to his personal life experiences. This created an honest and relatable art form that people felt connected to. In 3 years he broke records and became a valued asset to the music industry in Romania, currently touring alongside the biggest names of the Hip-Hop/Rap scene. His singles ‘Pala Mande’, ‘A Â’ and ‘Nefiu’ which have become trap anthems, broke the charts on Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube in record time. Furthermore, he performed at some of the biggest festivals in Europe, where his magnetic performances prove him to be one of the first Romanian artists who creates an impeccable show, using live Auto-Tune on stage as an instrument as well as his impactful stage presence. 


Up until now he has come out with 3 albums and 2 EP’s, his most recent album ‘616: Un Nou Capitol’ successfully overpassing 25 million streams on all platforms. His success is owed to his versatility, constant self reinvention and experimental style. 

Azteca continues to surprise the public with his creativity and hard work thus reaching a wide range of listeners who inevitably become loyal fans, and continues to lead the charts as a proeminent figure of the urban Rap scene. Azteca’s music has the power to change one’s perspective on the complexity and the possibilities found in creative expression. 



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