Origin: Germany

Making global impact with his worldwide hits and own emotional yet exhilarating dance sound, it’s fair
to say that Topic is a superstar DJ and hotly in-demand producer. His numbers speak for themselves
and are eye-popping by anyone’s standards. The German-Croatian had over 1 billion streams in 2021
alone and is rapidly approaching 1 million followers across all social media platforms. He has gold,
double diamond, double, triple, quadruple, and even decuple platinum certifications in 28 countries
around the world to his name and holds a steady spot in the Top 10 of Spotify’s Global Top 200. Topic
truly seems to have found the recipe of his success, motivated by the unknown magic of his next
collaborations, sharing his music with his fans, playing for live crowds, and connecting on an
emotional level through music.

The artist himself calls his unique sound ‘melancholic dance music’. It is all about melodies that lodge
themselves deep in your brain, drums that demand you to dance, and emotional tenderness that
lingers in your heart. It is these signature sounds that globally renowned artists come calling for. They
include German titan ATB and production partner A7S, with whom he reworked the classic ‘9PM (Till I
Come)’ into ‘Your Love (9PM)’, which was nominated for this year’s BRIT Awards, sharing the
category with the likes of Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish. He has also worked with
GRAMMY®-nominated rapper Lil Baby, Diamond-selling and two-time GRAMMY®-nominated artist
Bebe Rexha, British band Clean Bandit, singer-songwriter Alvaro Soler, and DJ-favorite Becky Hill, as
well as Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke, German popstar Nico Santos and many more, all with
unforgettable results.

The collaborative tracks Topic produces have achieved huge commercial success: he landed in the
Top 5 in the UK Official Singles Chart and the Billboard Hot 100, scored number ones on the
Mediabase U.S. dance radio, iTunes and the Global Top 200 Shazam and Spotify charts, and won
high profile awards and nominations including the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2016, Teen Choice
Awards in 2018, Best Dance Act at the Los 40 2020 Music Awards, the Billboard Music Awards 2021,
The 2022 Brit Awards for International Song Of The Year, and many more. When working solo, Topic
explores a more raw, direct, and harder-edged underground sound for his own DJ sets. With a festival
summer in full swing, Topic has been touring the world relentlessly, playing at all the major festivals
including Tomorrowland, Parookaville, Airbeat One, SAGA Festival, Balaton Sound, and has made his
big Ibiza debut at Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Growing up in Solingen, a small town outside Düsseldorf, music was just a hobby in his teenage
years, but that all changed when a popular local YouTuber came asking Topic to make beats for his
upcoming album. The album proved successful and claimed the #5 spot in the iTunes chart. Topic
was 21, and suddenly a career in music seemed possible. Topic left his job and has never looked
back. Within a few years, hits like “Home” (feat. Nico Santos) in 2016, ‘Perfect’ with Ally Brooke in
2018, and ‘Breaking Me’ with A7S in 2019 made sure Topic didn’t need to assert his spot any longer.

Recently releasing ‘Kernkraft 400 (A Better Day)’, using the legendary melody from Zombie Nation’s
1999 smash ‘Kernkraft 400’, and reworking his hit ‘Breaking Me’ into ‘Saving Me’, Topic shows no
signs of slowing down any time soon. The future will see Topic’s DJ sets get even more personal as
he looks to fully produce 100% of the music he plays in them. With the release of his first club record
‘Follow Me’ on the horizon, Topic is giving his fans a taste of the sound he has been developing over
the past two years. He also plans to produce a second album following ‘Miles’, 2015’s well-received
debut, and remains motivated by working with a diverse array of collaborators. Whoever he works
with next, you can be sure that Topic’s signature sounds will always enrich and uplift in uniquely
wistful ways.



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