Origin: Romania

Satra B.E.N.Z. is the first trap project in Romania that broke into the mainstream and defined a genre that was barely visible at the time, while now there is an entire generation that is backing up this movement.  Initially formed by Lu-K Beats, NOSFE, Keed, Super Ed and Killa Fonic, Satra B.E.N.Z. launched two albums called “O.S.O.D 1 & 2” that were received with a pinch of salt by the general public, but adored by the hardcore fans.  

Time passed by and Satra B.E.N.Z. became a love brand while collaborating with artists like Loredana, Damian Draghici, ADDA, NANE, Shift, What’s Up and a long list of friends of SEEK Music. Currently, Satra is formed by Lu-K Beats, Keed and Super ED after the sudden death of their beloved friend and colleague NOSFE. Even so, they regrouped and started working again, and their fifth studio album is on its way. Presently they are in a joint collaboration with Def Jam Recordings Romania.



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