Origin: Netherlands

Lijpe is the stage name of Abdessamed Achahbar (Maarssen, October 29, 1992), a Dutch rapper with Maroccan roots. By rapping, Abdessamed managed to escape the negativity that he experienced on the streets in his youth. In the first tracks that Lijpe produced, he praises his mother or apologizes to her. In the beginning, his stage name was ‘Lijpe Mocro’, but to avoid confusion, he eventually shortened the name to just ‘Lijpe’. From the beginning, he and his friends recorded videos of the music they made and posted them on the Internet. Lijpe came into prominence with these videos, some of which have been viewed more than a million times. From that time, he released several albums and singles. His first EP ‘Van de bodem naar de grond’ came out in 2014 and his debut album ‘Levensles’ was released in 2015. His 2016 album ‘Jackpot’ reached number 1 on the Dutch Albums chart. 



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