Origin: Netherlands

Joost Theo Sylvio Yussef Abdelgalil Dowib (Naarden, April 14, 1992), known professionally as Josylvio, is a Dutch rapper. His musical career began by accident. He wanted to call a friend of his, but accidentally pressed the number of his old classmate and producer ‘Esko’. The two had not spoken in years and decided to go into the studio together. It clicked well and Esko offered him a contract with his label ‘Van Klasse’. Under the label, Josylvio released several tracks, like “Le7nesh”, “Westside”, “Oost West, Thuis Best” and “Rotation”. In total, the rapper released two albums with Van Klasse before starting his own record label ‘Hella Cash’ in partnership with Top Notch in 2018. In 2021, his album ‘Abu Omar’ reached the number 1 spot in the Dutch charts. 



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