Henkie T

Genre : Rap

Origin: Netherlands

Henk Mando (Paramaribo, October 3, 1994) is a rapper from The Netherlands, better known as Henkie T, and grew up in Kraaiennest, a part of the Bijlmer in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. Henkie T became famous for being a member of SBMG, a Dutch rap group that was formed in 2013. This group consisted of Chivv and himself, but in 2019 they decided together to focus more on their solo careers than on SMBG. A lot of Henkie T singles reached the Single Top 100 and he released a debut album ‘Visionair’ in 2019 which achieved the fourth spot in the Dutch Album Top 100. The song ‘Dom Pérignon’, that Henkie T dropped in July 2020 with Qlas and Blacka, Jonna Fraser and Murda, reached the 13th spot in the Dutch Single Top 100 and won the FunX Music Award for best collaboration in September 2020. 


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