Elley Duhé

Origin: None

Elley Duhé’s music is about finding hope in the face of whatever faces you. “I have so much light and positivity in me, but I also have shadows,” she says. “It all coexists in harmony.” The musician’s love for music began early in small southern towns surrounded by her musically inclined family. By 14, she was writing her own songs on guitar, and it proved to be a lifeline. Empowered by her newfound creative voice and having soaked up the sounds and the soul of the south, Duhé could feel that her ambition was calling her elsewhere. In the past few years, Duhé has gone from playing cafes, bars, and private parties to playing at Coachella and Lollapalooza, signing with RCA and dropping her 2016 debut single: the blissed-out lullaby of “Millennium” with Tarro. Since then, across a long run of smash singles and the personal but pristine pop of her Dragon Mentality EP, Duhé has racked up millions and millions of streams, recorded with the likes of Gryffin and Zedd, and formed a tight and unbreakable bond with her legions of fans online. Duhé’s most recent single, “Middle of the Night,” has once again blown her fans away with over 1.9B streams on DSPs and became RIAA certified gold and multi-platinum worldwide. With global recognition and an increasing following, Duhé says, “When I see the streaming numbers, it’s just a reminder of the impact and that the knowledge is right. It’s not like I had a delusional dream, it’s really happening.” 


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