Origin: Netherlands

Romano P. (Amsterdam, April 17, 1995) is better known as Cor, a Dutch rapper. Cor’s name comes from criminal Cor van Hout. A nickname given to him by his Antillean friends. Cor was featured in the TV program ‘Danny Op Straat’, where he told in a short documentary about his past life. He also explains that he has been in prison for more than five years. Now Cor is scoring one hit after another as a rapper and wants to warn young people that already walk around with weapons on the streets. The rapper signed a record deal with 3robi’s record label Spow Business in early 2020. In Spow Business’ 101Barz session, the rapper quickly stood out. He released 2021 two albums, including the songs: ‘ Weg Van Hier’ and ‘Hier Ver Vandaan (feat. Frenna)’. 



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